Friday, July 6, 2018

3 Major Beauty Myths DEBUNKED!

Toothpaste on a pimple? Cucumbers for eye bags? When it comes to beauty, folklore and myths abound. How do you know what’s true and what’s not? Well, here are three top beauty myths – DEBUNKED! so you will be in the know!

Number one Myth: it is crucial to clean your face really well with soap and water to help prevent breakouts and acne.

Truth: Actually, overdoing the cleaning and scrubbing with soap can remove the beneficial oils that you want on your skin. These good oils don’t cause acne --and they protect your skin from irritation. Over-cleaning with soap and water can strip your skin so badly of ALL oil that you end up with rashes and increased breakouts! All that scrubbing also can irritate and further inflame acneic skin. Additionally, some soaps have caustic ingredients, such as fragrances or preservatives, that can irritate and even burn sensitive skin causing intense redness and inflammation.

For all these reasons it’s much better to clean oily, acne prone skin with a product designed to dissolve pore-clogging sebum. (It’s the sebum that causes blackheads and pimples.) The best agents for this job aren’t soaps at all! They’re special mild acids such as salicylic, lactic, or glycolic acid (think fruit juice, not chem lab fire!) that work to gently but effectively to unclog pores and remove excess sebum. One of the best around is a 10% Salicylic acid treatment by MEDPEEL. You’ll see and feel the difference right away and see much clearer skin after 2 weeks.

Myth number 2: The more expensive a skin care product is, the better it works.

Truth: The efficacy of a skin care product has much more to do with the ingredient list than the price tag. There are good and bad products at both ends of the price spectrum. The most important thing to know is that you want to look for products with high levels of active ingredients, and these actives should be listed among the top 10 ingredients on ingredient panel. Two great examples are MedPeel Daily Collagen Complex and MedPeel Vitamin C30X Retinol Serum – both really effective products are chock full of retinol and other skin goodies, making them great choices with a minimal price tag.

Myth number 3: lack of sleep causes dark under-eye circles

Lack of sleep can temporarily make these suckers look more pronounced, but the actual cause of dark circles is multi-factorial. This means they can be from a combination of thin skin in the eye area, allergies, excessive eye rubbing, sun damage, blue-tinged veins in the under-eye area, and even deep-set eyes. The best approach is to tackle each one of these factors, sooo, wear sun block and sunglasses outdoors, see an allergist for seasonal eye allergies and try using a powerful under-eye product every day for several weeks to see a difference.

If your problem is a bluish tint from tiny blue vessels showing though the skin, choose a cream with caffeine that can constrict the blood vessels beneath the eyes. If your color is more reddish you may benefit from a serum with high levels of vitamin K, which reduces puffiness and redness.

And if your eye serum contains retinol, vitamin A, vitamin C and peptides it can strengthen the existing fragile skin making dark circles much less visible while ALSO prevent further damage! YAY! 

So there you have it, 3 big beauty myths debunked. Don’t you feel better? And by the way, toothpaste can irritate pimples (the menthol ugh!) and cucumbers cool and sooth mostly because a cucumber from the fridge contains 90% cold water which does most of the work! Ha!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Tips for Flawless Skin this Wedding Season

It’s one of the most emotional days of your life. The day you’ve always dreamed about, since you were a little girl.

It’s the one day out of the year, besides your birthday, that all the attention is on you. It’s your day to shine.

It’s your wedding day.

From your hair, to your face, all the way down to your toenail polish, everyone is focused on you.

The last thing you want to worry about is having bad skin during this exciting time.

Wedding season is here and it starts with healthy skin. Whether you are a bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or attending a wedding, we’ve got the tips and tricks that will assure you a smooth foundation for your make-up to blend gracefully and look seamlessly beautiful for the big day!

The essentials: Cleanse, Exfoliate & Hydrate Daily!

  • Always remove makeup (even after the bachelorette party!) 
  • Cleanse twice daily with our Pre-peel Cleanser, which contains 3% Glycolic Acid. It can be used as a daily cleanser and skin prep prior to a peel treatment 

  • Exfoliate with our Brighten AHA Vitamin C Daily Exfoliator to help stimulate the removal of dead skin cells and promote natural rejuvenation 
  • Regular exfoliation prepares the skin to achieve enhanced chemical peel benefits 
  • Helps remove stubborn dead skin cells 

  • Aid skin revival with the hydrating ingredients in our Hyaluronic Moisturizer Cream which can be used daily and overnight for dry skin 
  • Add a few drops of our Natural Squalene Oil to your beauty routine to quench your skin’s thirst for beautifully, soft skin

Beauty Sleep...Don’t skip this one!
  • It may be hard to squeeze 7-8 hours of sleep into your busy schedule but your skin will thank you, by being extra gorgeous. 

Drink lots of water!
  • Keeps skin packed with hydration 
  • Plumps skin cells while flushing away impurities and toxins 
  • Supports an acne-free complexion 

If you have time, do a superficial peel

For a quick pick me up

Planning a wedding can be hectic. Shopping for the right dress, choosing a venue, and deciding to go with an up-do or letting your hair flow naturally. It can be enough to turn a bride into a bridezilla. Keep calm and carry on with your beauty routine!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Do's and Don'ts of Applying Chemical Peels

Many of our clients are unaware that how you care for your skin before and after a chemical peel can have major effects on your results.  At, we carry a variety of different peels, and while the aftercare may vary depending on the strength of your peel, the basics are the same.  Here are our top do’s and don’ts for at home chemical peels:

Do exfoliate and prep the skin:  The first thing that I recommend is always prepping your skin for at least 1 week prior to using a chemical peel.   The best way to do this is to use a chemical exfoliator such as our AHA Daily Exfoliator or a physical exfoliator such as our Fusion Dermabrasion Scrub This will help your peel to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin for better results.   

Do a patch test:  I recommend doing a patch test before trying any new chemical peel or a new strength to avoid any adverse reactions.  A patch test can be done behind your ear or under your jawline. 

Do follow post-peel instructions:  Aftercare is very important after a chemical peel because your skin will be sensitized and more prone to sun damage and pigmentation.  I recommend using a gentle cleanser, a serum or moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, like our Hyaluronic Replenish Serum and an SPF of 30 or higher for at least 2 weeks following the peel application. 

Do wait for skin to peel on its own:  Removing the skin prematurely can cause complications such as scarring, hyper pigmentation or even infection.  You will want to keep the skin hydrated when peeling, by applying a moisturizer to the areas 2-3 times a day. 

Do make sure you understand what to expect:  Some peels are superficial with little to no peeling, while others may have some down time.  Also, just because you do not have any physical peeling, does not mean that the peel is not working.  Also, please note that results can vary per client and typically require about 6-8 treatments before seeing desired results. 

Don’t have a chemical peel if...:  You are pregnant, nursing or if you are on any medications such as Accutane, steroids or antibiotics.  Also, if you are prone to cold sores on the mouth or face or have any health condition that affects your immune system you should avoid a chemical peel. 

Don’t expose your skin to heat or sun rays:  You will want to avoid any exercise for at least 3 days after you peel.  It’s also important to avoid any direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks following the peel.  Your skin will be photosensitive post peel and heat will increase skin inflammation and increase the risk of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. 

Don’t hesitate to ask a professional if you have any questions:  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask on of our Estheticians or your Doctor for advice. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

At Home Spa Day Ideas for Mom

At Home Spa Day for Mother's Day
Skip the high prices and time limitations of the spa and treat mom to an unforgettable at home spa day this Mother's Day! Pamper her with a silky soft mani/pedi, shoulder and back rub, anti-aging skin renewing facial treatment and more!

No matter what stage of skin care concerns your mom is at, we've got you and her covered. From complete daily skin care sets to chemical peels you can customize the kind of spa day perfect for your mom. Plus, as an added bonus she gets to keep the products! Now that's a Mother's Day gift that keeps giving!

Tips to Set the Mood:
  • Set the mood with a few candles, relaxing playlist and bathrobes.
  • Sip your own signature spa water like cucumber, lemon & mint or strawberry & basil.
  • Serve nourishing snacks that are colorful and flavorful such as fruit kabobs, tea sandwiches and mini cupcakes.
  • Take turns pampering each other and take pictures so you can laugh at them later.
  • Spend time talking, after all there's no need to rush when you are at home!
Product Ideas:

Friday, April 20, 2018

Help Save the Earth by Doing This With Your Beauty Products

Are you doing the most that you can with your beauty and skin care items once they are empty? If you are like most, you either toss them in the trash or put in the recycling bin hoping for the best.

Earth Day has us re-evaluating our efforts and untapped opportunities to help preserve the planet and reduce the guilt of our beauty buying habits. Here's a few ways you can easily step up your beauty-product recycling efforts and reduce the amount of items that end up in a landfill for eternity.

Step 1: Find out what is accepted in your recycling bin.

What is accepted varies from city to city so check with your local waste management and recycling companies to see what they take. Once you've got that list, check your beauty stash and keep in mind that each component is a different material, which means that when your items are empty you will have to take the cap off, unscrew, rinse and then sort what can go in your recycling bin.

Putting items in the recycling bin that can't be recycled can contaminate the recycling stream. Not only can this cause damage to recycling equipment, but this also forces items to be sorted which raises costs for the recycling facility. Not sure what recycling mistakes you may be making and what the best practices are? Check out Recycle Nation for the best tips on being and staying green.

Step 2: Don't throw it in the trash!

Just because your item isn't accepted in your local recycling program doesn't mean that your only option is to toss it in the trash. There are other options to send your items on their way or to hopefully be reincarnated into something new.

Ship them to TerraCycle for free and earn points towards a donation to the school or charity of your choice. All you have to do is create an account (for free) and take advantage of the many programs they offer. If they don't have a solution to recycle your waste, they probably have a great idea for you to DIY up-cycle the items. Up-cycling is not only great for the environment, but makes for fun projects and earth saving teaching opportunities to do with kids

With a little bit of homework, you can reduce the environmental footprint of your skin care routine and help keep the Earth that beautiful place we all call home.

Monday, March 19, 2018

How To Do A Patch Test

It’s true that everyone should patch test a new product, but it’s especially important and A MUST for anyone who is new to chemical peels, or for individuals trying a new peel for the first time.  Patch testing is important because anyone can experience an adverse reaction to a product simply because your skin does not like a specific ingredient, or it doesn’t respond well to the way a product is formulated.  

How to test for possible allergic reactions:  Behind the ear, on the side of the neck is a good place to perform the patch test because the skin is thinner and generally more reactive.  If the product is well-tolerated on the neck, then it’s generally safe for the face as well.

*To note: With chemical peels, it is normal that the skin to become red or pink, but this should subside within 10-15 minutes.  

Step 1:  Cleanse the area behind your ear using a mild gel cleanser, we recommend MedPeel Pre-Peel Cleanser.
Step 2: Apply MedPeel Peel Prep Solution.
Step 2:  Using a gauze pad or Q-tip, apply a small amount of the product you are testing behind the ear in a 1” diameter.
Step 3:  Leave the patch test on your skin for at least one minute and then neutralize using MedPeel Neutralizing Solution or by rinsing with cold water.  
Step 4:  Wait 48-72 hours to see how your skin reacts; If you experience no allergic reactions such as red, itchy bumps or adverse reactions of any kind, you can then proceed with the full peel.  Follow chemical peel application directions carefully for each peel type.

A patch test seems simple, but it’s a step that should never be skipped!